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Paul Coldwell – Material Things: Sculpture and Prints

Gallery II is proud to present the first exhibition that brings together a significant number of sculptures and print works by London-based artist and educator Paul Coldwell. Bronze and resin-casted objects, bookworks, photo etchings and digital prints produced for a variety of contexts over the last sixteen years are re-presented and placed into dialogue in this exhibition.

With a diverse range of references and sources of inspiration – including news reportage of the Bosnian conflict in the mid 90s, avant-garde composer Steve Reich’s speech melodies, 19th Century Italian modernist Giorgio Morandi, The Freud Museum, and Captain Scott’s expedition of the Antarctic – for Coldwell exhibiting these works in one place ‘presents an exciting challenge and the opportunity to see how this work, much of which was originally made for specific locations, might speak unaccompanied.’

Coldwell’s relationship to Bradford and the North has been developed through his role as guest curator of the Artist’s Folio exhibition at Cartwright Hall in 2014 and his participation in the Northern Print biennials. Curator Amy Charlesworth feels that the exhibition resonates especially well in this location: ‘The University’s permanent art collection holds some significant print works by artists such as Ceri Richards, David Hockney, John Piper, Derek Boshier and Sidney Noland. Moreover the history of the print biennials held in Bradford from the late 1950s to 1990s is a pertinent landscape through which to approach Coldwell’s investment in the print medium.’

Material Things: Sculpture and Prints runs from March 13th to Thursday May 7th, Monday to Friday 11am – 5pm (open til 6pm on Thursdays) with an opening on Thursday 12th March from 5pm that all are welcome to attend. A special discussion event with the artist and an invited panel will take place in May. The exhibition is accompanied by an 88 page fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by Anna Moszynska. See for details.

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